These fabrics are generally soft, non-abrasive and are comfortable to wear. Cotton fabrics are also very absorbent without feeling damp. This makes the fabrics very nice for warmer days and therefore ideal for summer clothing. The fabrics are good for the first inventive sewing ideas. These fabrics can also be used to make outerwear, pants, jackets, dresses, and skirts. Cotton fabrics come in different variants and composition. Among these fabrics there are many uni colors but also many patterns such as: dots, Christmas decorations, flowers & stripes. Most cotton can only be put in the dryer with a low temperature or cannot go in the dryer at all. Pure cotton can be washed hot. With modern detergents you should also get it clean at a low temperature (30 - 40 ℃). Bright colors should be taken care of if the detergent you use does not contain any optical bleaching agents to prevent the color from fading. White cotton can be washed at 95 ℃.
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