Lacquer PUR-coated with Unicolour Cobalt

ART.NR. 02406/005
Applications: Clothing 02406/005
Category3: Lacquer
Collection1: Perfect Basics
Collection2: Party Collection
ColorHEX: 164D8F
ColorName: Cobalt
ColorPantoneNumber: 19-4050
Composition: 100%PL
Finishing: PUR-coated
Motifs: Unicolour
QualityName: Lacquer
Season: STD
Subapplications1: Skirts
Subapplications2: Trousers
Subapplications3: Carnival
Subapplications4: Accessoires
Subcategory: Party Collection
Surface: shiny
Weight: 200
Width: 138
Washing No Bleaching No Ironing No Dryclean P TumbleDry No

Product description

This fantastic cobalt pur-coated lacquer ( 02406/005) is part of our perfect basics collection. It has a width of 138cm and weight of 145g/m2.

This lacquer can be used for clothing, skirts, trousers, carnival, accessoires, and more...

Washing instruction
Washing instruction
Washing instruction
Washing instruction
Washing instruction


Width 138 cm
Weight 145 g/m2
Composition 100% PL
Color cobalt (hex: 164d8f, pms: 19-4050)
Quality lacquer
Fishishing pur-coated
Surface shiny
Motif unicolour

Collection: perfect basics, party collection, Season: std, Category: lacquer, Subcategory: party collection

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