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Most asked questions

  • Can I buy fabrics from Nooteboom Textiles as a private consumer?No, Nooteboom Textiles is a wholesaler and sells only to businesses. If you are a private consumer and you are interested in one of our fabrics, please contact us at customercare@ant1852.com.
  • Does Nooteboom Textiles have a showroom?Yes, Nooteboom Textiles has a showroom. The showroom is located at Kranenberg 6, 5047 TR Tilburg, and can be visited without appointment. It is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00. Get the address here.
  • Can I order sample cards?Yes, you can. When you are logged in, you are able to add sample cards to your cart by clicking the Request Sample button on bottom left side of the article detail page.


  • How does the ordering and payment process work?
    Read the following to better understand our ordering and payment process:
    Step 1. Place order Once the order is placed, the order is prepared in the warehouse.
    Step 2. Prepare order for shipment As soon as the order is ready for shipment, you will receive a payment link by e-mail. Click on that link and follow the instructions.
    Step 3. Prepare order for shipment As soon as we have received the payment (step 2), the goods will be shipped.
  • What payment options are available?By Invoice, after your order is picked and ready to be shipped to you, you will receive your proforma/invoice to pay via e-mail. 
    If you are a new customer with Nooteboom Textiles, we will await payment of your invoice before shipping out your order.
  • Can I check the payment status of my invoices?Yes, you are able to see the payment status of your invoices in the invoices overview.

Order online

  • What is the minimum order quantity?The minimum order quantity for the web shop is 12 meters per colour. Lengths of variants shown are based on averages. Roll lengths and sizes may differ from the initial variants ordered.
  • Where can I see the prices of the fabrics?The prices will be visible to you when you are logged in to your account at the webshop.
  • How can I order online?To be able to order, you need an webshop account. You can registerhere.
  • I am a customer of Nooteboom Textiles but I don't have an webshop account, what do I do?Please send us your customer number or company name through the live chat, by email at customercare@ant1852.com or by phone. We will send you the activation email as soon as possible. You do not need to register.
  • I cannot find the article I am looking for.Please send us your customer number and the number of the desired article at customercare@ant1852.com and if the article is not on stock, we can check when it will be available again, or look for alternative fabrics that might be suitable for you.

My account

  • I want to change personal data, like my delivery address for example.It is not possible to change personal account data yourself at the moment. If you want to change it, please contact us through the live chat or send a message to customercare@ant1852.com
  • I want to add a delivery address.It is not possible to change or add personal account data yourself at the moment. If you want to change or add it, please contact us through the live chat or send a message to customercare@ant1852.com
  • Where can I find my account details?You can find your account details under Settings.
  • How can I change / reset my password?You can change your password here
  • I cannot register at the webshop.If you cannot register at the web shop, please contact us through the live chat or send us a message at customercare@ant1852.com, along with a screenshot of the error message. We will walk you through it.
  • I cannot log in at the webshop.If you cannot log in at the web shop, please contact us through the live chat or send us a message at customercare@ant1852.com, containing your customer number. We will solve the problem together.

Shipping & delivery

  • How long does it take to ship my order?We try our best to ship your order as soon as possible. The delivery time will depend on the region to which the order is shipped and the availability of the item.
  • How are shipping costs calculated for the webshop?The shipping costs are calculated automatically based on Nooteboom's 2020 rates. Your shipping costs will be visible in the check-out.
  • What is the return policy?In case of something went wrong with your order and you want to return the shipment or parts of it. Please contact us. We will arrange a pickup of the items which you want to return. This takes approximately 3 working days. If you have any other questions about returning goods, please contact our service team.

Content & Media

  • How can I download single product photo's?If you need photos of a few colours, you can download them on the relevant article detail page on the webshop. On the webshop, click on the photo of the relevant fabric in the right color, so that it is displayed enlarged, and with the right mouse button the photo can then be downloaded and saved on your computer.
  • How can I download the photo's of complete collections?Yes, complete collections based on category have already been collected and are directly available via a link on the download page (my account -> downloads)
  • How can I get the product photo's of my recently ordered products?If you send us a photo-request by mail, in which you mention your customer number, and the order number or invoice number you need photos from, we will send you a link to where you can download the photos of that specific order. This information can be sent with the request to the photography department here.
  • DisclaimerThe product photos and colors shown may differ from the actual products. Nooteboom Textiles invests a lot of time and expertise to get the colors of the photos as close to reality as possible. Colors may vary due to monitor settings and difference in monitors.

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